Stage Name: CyA (키아)
Name: Lee Giwook (이기욱)
Birthday: January 24, 2000
Position: Bass, rapper, producer, maknae

The last of the three founding members of the band, Cya may be the youngest but shows serious focus and drive. Often babied by the older members, Cya is used to getting what he wants. Cya’s dedication falls even into the smallest things, such as being left handed but still deciding to play a right handed bass. Cya writes and produces music for the band and, as if that wasn’t enough music for him, produces tracks for his Soundcloud under the name latecya. Cya is shy and gets nervous easily but loses himself on stage, often becoming bolder and energetic. Cya constantly expresses gratitude toward their fans and is humbled by the attention the band has obtained. Truly a quintessential makane on top.