Genie is an online streaming platform use throughout South Korea. Unlike Melon and Bugs it is easier to bypass and simply use the website for signing in. If you go through the website you do not need to change your phone’s location or download another APK file. However, because you need a Korean number you cannot buy streaming passes. You will only be able to listen to the 1 minute previews.

Just like Melon, there are people and services that sell streaming passes but you must make sure they are trustworthy.

How to Sign Up/Sign In

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on 로그인/회원가입
  3. You can sign in through Kakao, Twitter, and Facebook
  4. Click Accept All and Accept and Continue
  5. Fill in registration form
  • 아이디 = ID (make sure to click on 중복학인 to check if ID available. If blue text appears it means the ID is available for you to use)
    • 이메일 – EMAIL
    • Click on all the the statements that have the blue 필수
    • Click the blue 다음 button
    • If prompted click on blue 확인 button
    • click on blue 시작하기 button

6. Sign back in using whatever social media account you picked

How to Stream

  1. Search for 원위
  2. Click on the play button and the song will automatically play the 1 minute preview.