Gift Info

Below is info relating to sending ONEWE gifts! The address is the current accessible one. Once RBW moves buildings the address will reflect to the new one as soon as possible.


B1, 7, Janghan-ro 20-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 02639, Rep. of KOREA


If you are sending small gifts or letters you do not need to notify RBW about sending a gift.

When sending something to ONEWE or a member make sure that you specify that as the name of the receiver.

For Example:

To ONEWE If for all members of ONEWE

To ONEWE + Member’s Name (ex. ONEWE CyA)If for only one member of ONEWE

ONEWE’s Clothing Size

All sizes are in standard Korean sizes! We recommend you reference a size converter to best figure out what size to get from your country’s shops!

Shirt: XL-XXL
Pants: 32 (long)
Shoe: 275-280mm

Shirt: XL
Pants: 30-31
Shoe: 260mm

Shirt: XL
Pants: 32
Shoe: 260-265mm (Sneakers – 270mm)

Shirt: L-XL
Pants: 29-30
Shoe: 280mm

Shirt: L-XL
Pants: 29-30
Shoe: 260mm