Making Multiple Whosfan Accounts


The easiest way to make multiple accounts for Whosfan is to create multiple Kakao Talk accounts. In order to make this process a lot easier you will need a PC!

To create Kakao Talk Accounts you will need email accounts. For that you have a couple of choices. Here are the more popular ones:

G-mail (People max out at 6-10)

Yahoo (People max out at 20)

Temp Mail (unlimited unless Cache starts to act up)

You can also choose to pick your preferred email service based on your location.

Kakao Talk PC

The easiest way to bypass having to register a number is to make your Kakao accounts on PC.

You can find the Kakao Talk PC website HERE.

Once you click on the link you should get a page that looks like this:

Click on the Sign Up button at the bottom of the Log in with QR code button.

Your screen should then look like this:

Click on the I have an email account button. You should have already created your email account before hand.

Once you click on the I have an email account button your screen will appear like this:

You do not have to click all four, just the first 3, but you are also free to click on Agree to All Terms if that is easier for you.

Once you agree, Kakako will ask for your account information. This includes the email you have created.

Once you put in the email it will ask you to send a verification code to that email. If you are using a temp email service you will see this email on the temp email hub.

If you are using Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email service, you will have to log in to that email account and get the code from your email.

Once you input the correct verification code, you can move on to the password. If you are planning to donate the account for future voting events, make sure the password is the same as stated by STUDIO WEVE.

Here you also include a nickname. Nickname can be anything, but it might be easier to make it similar for convenience.

Once you have filled out all info and gone through the terms of services your screen will show your account is ready to be used.

Using KakaoTalk Account to Sign up for Whosfan

Once you have register your new Kakao Talk Account on PC you can go to the next step!

Make sure you download Whosfan. DO NOT download KakaoTalk app. If you have it downloaded it, you will have to deactivate it while using the different accounts to sign on.

When you download the app it will load and show you a tutorial for the app. Then it will load the landing page, which is the Hanteo Chart. From there, on the bottom right corner click on the person icon and it will take you to the MY PAGE menu.

Click on log in.

You will see different types of SNS to log in/sign up with. If you have accounts for the SNS you can use each one of those SNS to make new accounts. So if you have Facebook, Twitter, Kakao, Naver and Line, you already have 5 easy accounts for you to use!

However, for those who want more than 5 accounts here is where our process starts. Click on Login with KakaoTalk. Make sure you do not have the Kakao Talk app on your phone. This is important because if you have the KakaoTalk app on your device it will ask you for a phone number and you will be stuck on that screen.

Since we are signing in with KakaoTalk but do not have the app, it will redirect you to the browser version. This will make sure you only need your KakaoTalk email to sign in.

You will input your KakaoTalk email and password (example below) and once it loads it will ask you to Accept All Terms and Services for KakaoTalk and continue.

The second Terms of Services are for Whosfan, you must also accept those. Then it will ask you to pick your stars, search for and add ONEWE.

Then it will ask you for a referral code! You can use ours: HJ570426. This will give you 200 points!

Once you collect your vote/cast your vote for the account and you want to sign out you go to MY PAGE. Click on Edit Profile and the scroll down to Connected Social Media and hit the Logout button.

In order to sign up with your next KakaoTalk you will need to clear the apps Data. You can do this by going to your device’s Settings > APPs> Whosfan> Data > Clear Data. Depending on your phone, the verbiage might be the same or slightly different.

This will stop the Whosfan app from automatically logging you in to the last KakaoTalk account you used to sign up with! Then you simply just have to sign up with your next email and repeat the process of Clearing Data to keep signing up as many accounts as you have 🙂

Cloning Apps

One way to get around having to sign in and clear data each time is to get a cloning app. This only works for Android users. A popular cloning app is Multi Parallel. You can find the app HERE

With this app you can clone Whosfan and use each clone to sign in different accounts.

In order to make a clone, you open the Multi Parallel app, click on the Add Clone Button and make as many clones as you need. Then you use each clone for each of your emails.

Cloning apps tend to crash at times but can be useful and have been used by many fandoms to avoid the cycle of signing in and out.

Once you are done using it and want to close it so it does not drain your battery you can Force Stop it.