M Countdown

Voting for M Countdown

In order to cast your vote for M Countdown you must do so through their voting app. Voting on the MWave app is only available once per day.

Pre-Voting counts for 10% of the final score.

Live Voting counts for 10% of the final score.

Download MWave

  1. Download the MWave app from the Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. The correct app should have a white background with a white M inside a pink square. As well as the word ‘wave’ in pink and waves at the bottom.
  3. The app will be called: ‎Mwave
  4. App Store:HERE
  5. Play Store:HERE

Signing In and Accounts

Once you open app you will be greeted with this homepage. Click on the menu icon on top of page.

Simply click on the Please SIGN-IN button

You may sign in using your Kakao, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Tumblr or Line account. This can allow you to have multiple accounts. A Google account may be easier to use for more than one account as it is fairly easy to obtain a Google email address.


To vote simply click on the top menu icon again. Click on the Pre-Voting tab.

Voting is open every Friday 2 PM KST to Monday 9 AM KST.


Voting for M Countdown (2)

In addition to having the MWave app, M Countdown now uses the Whosfan app for pre-voting as well.

Pre-Voting counts for 10% of the final score.

Live Voting counts for 10% of the final score.

Signing In and Accounts

Click on ‘Please log in’

Click whichever SNS account you are most comfortable with using. (You can make more than 1 account using all of these SNS accounts).

Once you are signed in your account should look like this. You can edit profile however you wish. You can also put in referral codes by going into Edit Profile. If you use our referral code: HJ570426 you can earn 500 points.

Credits and Stamps

If you scroll to the bottom of your landing page you can find the Newsletter. Joining the Newsletter gives you 1000 credit.

To sign up to the Newsletter you have to give an email. Once you get the verification link in your email click on it and follow instructions to gain 1000 credit.

Another way to earn credit is to complete stamps.

Different stamps give you different kinds of credit. The four major stamps are ALBUM, VIDEO, WRITE and REFERRER. Each of these stamps have smaller stamps to complete.

Above you have the number of credits you earn for each activity. Most of the activities give you points. Star Chart Point is for the artist.

Some take away credits. For example, to write a post in the ONEWE tab you lose 5 credit but ONEWE earn 5 Star Chart Points.

Fan Interactions

To add ONEWE to your Stars simply click on the search icon on the landing page.

You can search for ONEWE or 원위.

Click on the Follow + to follow ONEWE as a Star. If done correctly the Follow + will turn into Following.

Under the FAN tab you can add posts or comments. For each post you make ONEWE gains 5 Star Points. But you lose 5 credit. So far in order to have a net gain of credit the cap of posts should be no more than 100.

Once ONEWE has content you will be able to watch videos of them under the VIDEO tab. For each video you watch you earn ONEWE 20 Star Points.

You must watch at least 30 seconds of the video.

Any articles pertaining to ONEWE will be under the NEWS tab. When reading a ONEWE article you earn 5 credit and ONEWE earns 5 Star Points.

Voting Tickets

Go to the Voting and Events tab (Star Icon).

Click on the bag and hashtag icon to purchase Whosfan voting tickets using your Whosfan credits.

You can buy as many Whosfan tickets as you’d like using your Whosfan credit. However, you only get 1 M Countdown voting ticket per account. If you want more than one M Countdown voting ticket you will need to make more than one account.

You are able to make different accounts with all of the following SNS accounts: Facebook, KakaoTalk, Line, Twitter, and Naver.