What is Stationhead?

Stationhead is a music app that lets you stream Spotify and Apple Music on a more social scale. What does that mean? If you have your PREMIUM Spotify account or Apple Music account connected to your account and tune in to a STUDIO WEVE on line broadcast that counts as you streaming as well!

So for example, if we are streaming a ONEWE playlist and 100 WEVEs tune in to our streaming broadcast that would be our stream plus the 100 streams of the WEVEs who are listening.

Once you create an account you can follow STUDIO WEVE’s Stationhead account HERE


Download the Stationhead app from the Play Store or Apple App Store.

The correct app will have the word ON in white against a red and black striped background.

The app will be called: Stationhead: Social Radio on the App Store and Stationhead: Live Radio on the Play Store.

App Store:HERE

Play Store:HERE

Sign Up

First, make sure you download the correct app. The app should have the word ON in a white font with a black and red striped background

Once you click on the app you should be on this landing page. If you do not have an account yet click on the GET STARTED button.

There are many ways to sign up. If you are signing up from an Apple device you can sign up through your Apple account. You can also sign up through the other means and add your Apple account later.

If you sign up via email you need to input your email and a password for the app.

Then once you sign up you will be asked for a username. The app will let you know if the username you have picked is available or not.

The app will ask you to connect a streaming service. You can do Apple Music or Spotify. In order for your Spotify stream to count you must have a PREMIUM SPOTIFY account.

The app will change to the streaming service you picked and will prompt you for permission.

Then it will ask you to agree with the terms of service.

Changing Streaming Service

If you want to change your streaming service you can go to your profile and click on the setting icon on the upper right corner.

Then click on Streaming Services.

Here you will be able to connect to your preferred streaming service.

Stationhead on PC

You can also join streaming broadcasts on PC.

  1. Make sure you are signed in
  2. Then click on the link tweeted out by STUDIO WEVE at the appropriate time and join the streaming!