Views are becoming increasingly more important for voting and streaming. YouTube streaming is the easiest and most accessible thing international fans can do. However, when streaming on YouTube there are certain things you have to remember.


When beginning to stream on YouTube make sure to do the following:

  1. Log in, like and comment
  2. MANUALLY search for the MV on YouTube (ex. ONEWE REGULUS MUSIC VIDEO)
  3. Make sure the volume is at least 50% and quality is at least 480p.
  4. Turn off autoplay
  5. Turn off any ad blocker
  6. Watch full ads
  7. Watch entire video
  8. Use different web browsers
  9. Watch in different devices
  10. Link to video using other social platforms
  11. Clear history after 30 minutes


  1. Replay, you MUST watch different content in between watches
  2. Stream video in different tabs
  3. Use incognito or private windows
  4. Use VPN
  5. Refresh, pause, fast forward when watching video
  6. Mute YouTube volume
  7. Repeat watching behaviors
  8. Skip ads
  9. Use a playlist