The Next Big Sound and Social 50 Charts are both Billboard charts that rely heavily on fan engagement. Both of these charts are based primarily on the following social and web platforms:






The Next Big Sound chart focuses more on the projected growth of an artist. It takes into account the starting point of the artist and measures how much they have grown based on calculated averages taken from the expected interaction and followers ratios.

For example, ONEWE currently has 151.9k followers. Based on other accounts with similar ranges, the expected Twitter mentions for ONEWE would be around 100. If ONEWE’s actual mentions are 1.7k mentions, then they have exceeded the average and projected growth, which reflects on the chart as exponential growth and pushes them towards the top.

The Next Big Sound chart is all about exceeding expectations in expected fan engagement!


One of the lesser known ways to drive up engagement for ONEWE is to interact with their Wikipedia page.

Go to the Wikipedia main page.

Search manually for ONEWE in the search bar.

Interact/keep the tab open for at least 1 minute.

Share/link the page on social medias to drive up click traffic and engagement.



Follow/Like ONEWE’s Facebook page.

Like, react and comment on ONEWE’s posts.

Share ONEWE posts.


When engaging with ONEWE content on twitter it is important to remember to tag properly.


Download Pandora app

App Store

Play Store

Download the Pandora app. Currently the icon is the letter P in purple, pink, and blue.

To sign up it asks you for an email, password, your age and zipcode. Once you sign up it will show you this screen. At the bottom click on the search button.

Search for ONEWE.

Click on the first ONEWE Artist Page. From this page you can also click on the buttons on ONEWE songs to make stations.

Click on the play button on the side to start the ONEWE Station and add it to My Collection.

Click on the start button next to ONEWE songs to start ONEWE stations and add to My Collection.

When you start a ONEWE station it will include ONEWE songs and non ONEWE songs. Make sure to give a thumbs up and listen to the entirety of each ONEWE song. For non ONEWE songs you can give a thumbs down or skip.

If you have done ONEWE stations correctly you will be able to see them in your Profile under My Stations.

If you have access to a Premium account you have the option to listen to any ONEWE song. If you have a Free account you can still do this but must watch an ad.

Clicking on ONEWE songs and listening to them adds to their plays. Listening to ONEWE songs on ONEWE/ONEWE Song Stations also increases their plays. Try to listen to at least 3-5 ONEWE songs using both ways.