Name: Jin Yonghoon (진용훈)
Birthday: August 17, 1994
Position: Leader, vocalist, guitar, piano

Yonghoon is the oldest and tallest member of ONEWE. He was the last member to join, being asked to consider the vocalist position after winning a singing contest the band had provided backing music for. Before that, Yonghoon was a Cube trainee and was going to university, as well as enjoying hobbies like playing soccer. Although he looks cold, Yonghoon has a major soft side, seen constantly trying to coddle the younger members and being deadly afraid of dogs. Yonghoon takes on many jobs under RBW. Besides being leader and vocalist, Yonghoon lends the company his vocals for guide tracks and is heard in his label mates’ songs with his whistling and backing vocals. Yonghoon’s charming points are his visuals and his airy but powerful voice. His dream has always been to do music.