Name: Son Dongmyeong (손동명)
Birthday: January 10, 2000
Position: Keyboard, vocalist

Dongmyeong was asked to join the band as the vocalist by best friend, Giwook. Dongmyeong is the oldest twin to Son Dongju (Xion from ONEUS). After going viral on Produce 101 for Dongmyeong Gymnastics and placing fairly high on The Unit, many fans, old and new, see Dongmyeong as the face of the group. Often seen smiling, bubbly and always positive, it is safe to say that Dongmyeong is the energizer of the group, always trying his best to make situations fun. On the opposite side, Dongmyeong is very hardworking, wise beyond his years and wishes to showcase a much more handsome and mature look.